A.Mob is a data driven mobile programmatic platform. We build successful and scalable mobile campaigns using Real Time Bidding and proprietary algorithms.

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We draw our expertise from 3 golden principles

Mobile RTB

We work on mobile RTB technologies and make the most of data to achieve higher advertising precision. Every advertising space is bought in real time, in less than 100 ms on an app or on a mobile website. We buy impression by impression, allowing us to adapt our buying strategy in real time, making our campaigns 100% flexible.

Data Analysis

We have strong analytical skills, providing us with expertise on data treatment and verticalization. We observe and take into account mobile users’ behaviors when confronted with advertising. Our job is to give the floor to figures and generate actionable metrics to optimize our clients’ campaigns.

Effective Algorithms

Our algorithms enable targeting based on a large amount of criteria (geolocalisation, device, in-app, socio-demo profile, gender…). We develop a secondary infrastructure on our technologies to be able to leverage our algorithms’ full potential. We also enrich mobile ads by adding open data to our tools.

Rich-Media Format

Our state-of-the art HTML5 formats allow the creation of real interactions between the mobile user and the advertising. The creative possibilities are boundless and highly customizable; we can adapt to any HTML5 technical issues.

Smart Messages

Mobile ads need to be both impactful and creative to deliver the right message at the right time to the right user. We are constantly A/B testing different designs and formats to achieve higher mobile users’ commitment rates

Seamless User-Experience

We dream of a world in which every mobile user would get the ads he wants and deserves. In this respect, we constantly cross our statistical data to push the right content to the right user. As a result, our campaigns become more engaging and entertaining.

Tailored Solutions

We are constantly making benchmarks of the different mobile practices. This allows us to better understand the ecosystem and provide our clients with tailored advice to solve their problems. Our technological and strategic skills allow us to fully address the new mobile stakes. We are able to assess our clients’ strategic challenges and suggest adequate mobile solutions evaluating their technical feasibility.

Creative Branding

Branding is more and more a matter of technical feasibility. Our front-end developers can transpose your brand identity to any kind of advertising content. We can also help you create a state-of-the art mobile brand image to gain competitive edge over your rivals.

Actionable Insights

We always provide you with sharp insights during your campaigns, allowing you to better understand your mobile advertising stakes and the overall ecosystem. The insights we give you are immediately actionable and data-based.

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We build scalable and adaptive campaigns that perfectly address the needs of our customers and end users.
Our day-to-day job consists in optimizing the path of your ads, which are bought based on the following process:

The publisher server

The publisher server identifies an ad placement.
It collects as much data as possible on the user and the ad placement.
It also decides whether it should be a direct or an RTB sale.

The bid request

In case of RTB, the server emits a bid request.
It contains all the data collected.
The request is redirected to many potential buyers.

The bidding strategy

Bidders try to evaluate the real price of the ad.
They usually use algorithms to evaluate the conversion expectation.
They send back their bidding price.

Second-price auctions

The bidder with the highest bidding price wins the auction.
He gains the right to display its ad.
He pays the second highest bidding price.

The final user

Thanks to an efficient targeting, the user is a potential prospect.
If the prospect clicks on the ad, the path is far from over.
The prospect can be directed to a Rich Media ad, an app store, a website...

We measure our statistic optimization on a daily basis.
We segment data to further improve our campaigns.
We are compatible with every robust tracking solution.
We are constantly learning thanks to the insights we generate.
Our wide targeting spectrum enables us to optimize our campaigns based on a large amount of criteria.
We apply both algorithmic and manual optimizations.



App targeting

Carrier targeting

OS targeting

Wifi targeting

Time & Day parting

Demographic targeting

Contextual targeting

How we work
We care about our customers.
When you call, we answer and find suited solutions.
Is your brand in need of a powerful mobile campaign?
Let us know how we can help

You can mail us

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32 rue de Paradis - Paris, 75010
Mail: contact@adotmob.com      Phone:+
We are a team of mobile RTB experts driven by data and technology.
Yannis Yahiaoui
Yannis Yahiaoui

Expert in mobile advertising, Yannis also developed an in-depth expertise of the RTB ecosystem working with the two Tradelab founders at the very beginning of their journey.

He also performed strategic and data analysis when working in strategy consulting, enabling him to fully address A.Mob clients’ issues. Yannis is responsible for the revenue part and customer relationship management part.

He holds a master degree from EMLYON.

Thomas Zaepffel
Thomas Zaepffel

From an engineering background, Thomas developped very specific skills for the statistical analysis and optimizations.

He expanded its business and strategical expertise through experiences in consulting and banking. Thomas is responsible for A.Mob technological strategy and the campaign management part.

He is an engineer from Ecole Polytechnique and holds a master degree from HEC Paris.

32 rue de Paradis - Paris, 75010
Mail: contact@adotmob.com      Phone:+

You can mail us

All fields required

32 rue de Paradis - Paris, 75010
Mail: contact@adotmob.com      Phone:+